Cold Mastic

Category : Insulation Material

1. Hot Insulation Mastic :
Type : 90-07
Asphalt emulsion weathercoat of water vapor “breathing type” for thermal insulation in hot service.
Service Temp. : -18 ~ 93 °C.

2. Cold Insulation Mastic
Type : 60-25
A durable asphalt weathercoat and water vapor barrier for thermal insulation and metal. black color.
Service Temp. : -29 ~ 93 °C.

3. Foamseal Sealant
Type : 30-45
Low-volatile, an aluminium gray vapor barrier sealer for use with cellular glass insulation. It remains soft and tough in service and will not shrink or crack during repeated cycles of high and low temperatures. Apply with trowel or caulking.
Service Temp. : -73 ~ 149 °C.

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