Denso Petrolatum Tape Systems

Category : Insulation Material
Denso Petrolatum Tape Systems

Petrolatum Tape Systems
Provides long term corrosion protection to above and below ground pipe, flanges, valves and related surfaces.


Atmospheric Uses: piping, structural steel, flanges & valves, sweating lines, tank bases, pipe crossing, cooling tower piping, and under thermal insulation.
Buried Uses: flanges & valves, pipe, weld joints, pipe couplings, pipe penetrations,
cadwelds, bolted fittings, ductile/cast iron pipe.



Marine Uses: steel piles, timber piles, flanges & valves, submarine pipeline repairs,
pipe hangers, concrete piles, risers, under deck piping, offshore platforms, H-piles,
tie rods & end connections.
Commercial and Residential Uses: plumbing connections, cooling tower piping, cable splices, roof repairs, waterproofing & sealing, threaded connections, battery terminals, trays & tie downs, trailor axles & U-bolts.



Features :
– Applied to marginally prepared surfaces (SSPC SP 2-3)
– Conforms to irregular shapes and profiles
– Can be applied to cold, wet surfaces
– Not effected by water, acid, salts or soil organics
– Encapsulation of lead paint
– Contains no solvents
– Easy application from arctic to tropical temperatures
– Ready for immediate service after application
– Meets AWWA C217 Standard
– History of proven applications since 1930


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