Brasswire Reinforced Asbestos Packing

Category : Sealing Material
Brasswire Reinforced Asbestos Packing

Expansion joint, flange, valves against over-heated steam, hot water, hot oil hydrocarbon, organic solvents and chemical served expecially in high temperature.


Brass wire inserted asbestos yarn is braided by braid-overbraid methode and graphited, having core of brass wire inserted asbestos yarn

The molded core of asbestos fibers, graphite and heatresistant binder is braided over with inconel wire inserted asbestos yarn and then finished with graphite.

Temp : 400 ° C


Press : 350  kg/cm2

PH : 5 – 11

Ø 1/8 ” – up

available in ring as required sizes.

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