Tombo 1995 NA

Packing Non Asbestos

■Features : Inorganic filler is added to inorganic fibers
and aramid fibers; then oil-resistant synthetic rubber is
added as binder to form brown NA (non-asbestos) joint
sheets which contain absolutely no asbestos.
This gasket can be used for stainless steel flange since
leachable halogens are little.
■Applications : Gaskets for various types of piping
flanges and valves, equipment, etc.
■Service Range (For details, please refer to the
diagram on page 10.)
¡Temperature : –100℃ ~ 183℃
¡Pressure : Saturated steam, hot water
→See Page 10
Water, salt solutions, weak acid and
weak alkali solutions. →Max.3.0MPa {30Of/F}
Oil at 100℃ or lower.→Max.3.0MPa {30Of/F}
Air, exhaust gas, inert gas.
→Max.1.0MPa {10O

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